Town of Dayton – Amherst Telephone Grant Application for Broadband Service to Stratton Lake Area

The following letter will be sent to residents in the Stratton Lake Area.  Please be sure to respond.

The Town of Dayton and Amherst Communications (Amherst Telephone Company) are working together to apply for a Broadband Grant to bring Fiber Optic Internet service to your neighborhood. Building this Broadband infrastructure utilizing a Public/Private Partnership through the Broadband Grant process will not impact your property taxes.

 The Governor has approved $48 million to improve Broadband (Internet) access to rural un-served and underserved areas of Wisconsin. Over the next two years, the Wisconsin Public Service Commission will administer the Broadband Grant process where there will be two rounds each worth $24million.

 Time is of the essence as applications for the Broadband Grants are due by December 19th, 2019 for the first round of grants being awarded in 2020.

 We are seeking your input about the need for this service in the Stratton Lake Area. It is very Important so please complete and mail the pre-paid postage survey card that is enclosed with this letter.

 Don’t forget to write your address on the postcard, which will confirm that you are in the grant area, and assure no duplications. Due to these factors, the card will not count toward the grant without the address.

 If you have questions about Fiber Optic service, we have enclosed an information sheet explain fiber optic cable infrastructure and the services available over this technology (Internet, Television, and Phone).

 If you have any questions about the survey or services, please call Amherst Communications at 715-824-5529.