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The Town of Dayton is an unincorporated town in the most southwest corner of Waupaca County. It is situated southwest of the City of Waupaca and south of US Highway 10. The Town is bordered by Waushara county to the south and Portage county to the west. You can learn more about the nature and operations of Wisconsin towns through the Wisconsin Towns Association.

The following map was extracted from a document entitled “Town of Dayton — Year 2030 Comprehensive Plan”. Refer to that document for the entire map including all captions.

The town includes the unincorporated rural hamlets of Little Hope, Rural and Parfreyville, popular tourist and recreational destinations along southern portion of the Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes, Spencer Lake and the Crystal River. Overall, the town’s landscape is predominantly undeveloped and characterized by agriculture, woodland, and other open spaces that cover nearly 90% of the total land area. Waterways are dominant landscape features including the Crystal River, Hartman, Radley, and Emmons Creeks, and many lakes including Bass Lake, Crystal Lake, Gooseneck Lake, Holman Lake, Sandbar Lakes, Spencer Lake, Stratton Lake, and eleven lakes in the southern half of the Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes. The geographical features of the area provide for agricultural productivity and outstanding hunting, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor recreational activities year round. Tourism is a significant industry year-round due to the unique characteristics of the Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes, Hartman Creek State Park, Radley Creek Savannah State Natural Area and other attractions in the area.