Town of Dayton

Election Information

Wanted to reach out to the residents of Dayton as a question that was asked a number of times from voters yesterday was if Dayton used Dominion voting machines.  We do not.  The machines we use for elections are from Command Central and are not ever connected to the internet.  As a clerk there are very strict procedures we are required to follow prior to an election.  When I receive the cartridges for the machines I make up a set of test ballots.  Those ballots are processed through both machines, twice, one process is called the PreLat the other is the Public Test.  The time and date of the public test is published and is open to the public to come in and observe.  At the end of each process I carefully verify the machine is tallying and totaling the ballots as they were entered into the machine.  Once this is completed machines are reset to zero and security tags are placed on the machines.  This entire process is documented.  I understand the concerns people have regarding our elections.  As a clerk I want voters to know that in Dayton we have an amazing dedicated group of poll workers who ensure the laws and statutes are followed and every valid ballot is counted.  The staff at the County Clerks office is readily available to answer any question or help with any issues.  If you have any concerns or questions never hesitate to ask.  All who work an election are here to assist any way we can.