Information Regarding the Annual Meeting – Monthly Board Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held at the Dayton Town Hall Tuesday, May 19th at 6 pm.  After the Annual Meeting the board will convene the Board of Review to adjourn to June 24th at 5 pm.  Immediately following will be the May Board Meeting.  As the Stay At Home Order is no longer in effect there are no limitations/requirements governing the attendance of these meetings.  I would hope those attending in person will honor the 6 foot distancing rule, but again not required. Hand sanitizer the state supplied for the election will be available at the door.  Everyone entering the building should spray their hands.  If you are not feeling well or if you are aware you may have been exposed to COVID 19 practice social responsibility and stay at home.  Meetings are available via Zoom.  Contact the clerk or a board member for the link.