Electronics Recycling Event

Electronics Recycling Event: Friday, April 26, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., at Swan Park. Free Electronics: CPU towers, vacuums, tape players, phones, printers, speakers, coffee machines, CD players, DVD players, power supplies, laptops, scanners, I-pods, drills, shredders, fax machines, record players, game systems, electrical saws & more. Chargeable Electronics: Flat & CRT computer monitors $20; Flat & CRT TVs (29″ and under) $20; Flat and CRT TVs (30″-49″) $40; Flat and CRT TVs (50″ and over) $60; wood console or projection TVs $60; large copy machines or printers $15; microwaves $15; dehumidifiers $20; mini refrigerators $20; small A/C units $20; ovens or dishwashers $25; washers or dryers $25. Full size refrigerators and freezers not accepted. Sponsored by the City of Waupaca and the Waupaca Area Chamber of Commerce in contract with RECYCLETHATSTUFF.COM. Questions can be directed to (920) 955-3760.