Town of Dayton

Trash & Recycling

Waupaca County Solid Waste & Recycling Centers

Trash & Recycling is managed by Waupaca County, and Waupaca County provides drop-off centers throughout Waupaca County. The drop off centers offer different services, and the services and hours may vary by season, so you will need to check the Waupaca County Solid Waste & Recycling Centers for detailed information. Fees are charged for some services.

Waupaca Regional Recycling & Compost Center – Waupaca

Outdoor Burning

Waupaca County PTF Brochure 2024

Trash & Recycling Pick-Up

Trash & Recycling pick-up services are provided in the Town of Dayton by public companies that operate within the geographical boundaries of the town. You will need to contact the companies or check their web sites to determine if services are available on your property.