Town Official Position

There are five elected officials in the Town of Dayton.  They are:

  • One Town Chairman
  • Two Town Supervisors
  • One Town Clerk
  • One Town Treasurer

Town boards (Chairman and Supervisors), the Town Clerk, and the Town Treasurer are elected for two-year terms in spring elections of odd-numbered years.

Before you run, you should consider reading an excellent article entitled How to Run for Office which was published by the University of Wisconsin – Extension and the League of Women Voters in 2005. You should also refer to the guidelines published by the State of Wisconsin Election Commission.

Elections for local officials are typically on the first Tuesday in April, with a nominating caucus in January. The nominating caucus also serves as the towns primary for town official elections. If more than two candidates are nominated for any town positions (four for town supervisor position), the town caucus votes to send the two candidates with the most votes to the April election ballot. A candidate need not be present to be nominated at the nominating caucus; however a candidate that has been nominated must file a declaration of candidacy to be placed on the spring ballot. Nomination procedures must be followed precisely and on-time. You know you will be on the ballot when you receive a notice of nomination from the Town Clerk.

Contact the Town Clerk at least six months before the election for detailed instructions for getting on the ballot.  The Town Clerk can let you know which GAB documents apply to the specific office that you are running for.  The Town Clerk serves as the chief election official for the Town of Dayton.