Road Construction

We were just notified by Fahrner that the work on Cleghorn Rd and Rural Rd cannot be done as scheduled due to equipment breakdown.  Because school starts on Thursday and those roads are heavily used by school buses, we will have to defer this work until the next construction season.  We are sorry for this inconvenience in planning but it is out of our control.

Dave Armstrong
Chairman of Town of Dayton

From an initial drive through in northern areas of the township our arborist, Dan Traas, identified 14 dead trees that rated at his highest level of risk for roadway safety. Eleven of these trees will be cut down or cut back in the next two weeks. The trees are located on Smith Road, Spencer Lake Road, Old Hwy 22, W Miner Drive & Cleghorn Road. Because these dead trees were not being addressed, with attention being given to live trees in the recent past, we may have more to address this year and certainly less in the future.