Parfreyville Cemetery Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations were approved by the Town of Dayton board at the Town Board Meeting, September, 2009.

  1. Lots shall be sold for no other business than for the burial of human remains.
  2. No glass receptacles, vases or jars allowed.
  3. Planting of trees, shrubs or perennial flowers is prohibited
  4. All artificial flowers must be removed by October 31st and left off site until May 1st.
  5. All urns, flower displays, pots or arrangements are to be in line with head stone. (Not in front or back)
  6. No pets allowed at any time
  7. Two (2) cremain burials allowed per grave site. If more are requested, the Town Board will make a determination to allow or not. All remains must be in cremation vaults. Cremain grave site may have one upright grave stone in line with other stones. Flat stones will be allowed for additional burials on site. There will be a charge for additional cremain burials. Burials must be done by Sexton. Burial site may consist of 1 casket and 1 cremain or as stated above.
  8. Exhumation of cremains will be done by the Sexton. Family will be responsible for all costs.
  9. Winter burials. Family will be charged additional costs by the Sexton including but not limited to snow removal, locating of lot, thawing and digging of site and spring maintenance of the grave site.
  10. Base of stone must extend a minimum of 4 inches beyond all four sides of stone.
  11. Visitors are only permitted between dawn to dusk.
  12. Owner of cemetery lots may transfer ownership of cemetery lots or any part thereof only upon approval of the Town Board.
  13. Lot fee is $250.00, Burial Fee is $60.00 and Re-issuance of deed is $20.00
  14. Multiple lots may be purchased on an installment payment plan based on the discretion of the Town Board.
  15. All lots will have perpetual care consisting only of lawn care. Any damage or removal of grave markers will be the responsibility of the family
  16. The Town of Dayton is not responsible for vandalism, injuries or damage to personal property.
  17. No fire arms are allowed except for Military Services.
  18. Town of Dayton reserves all rights, without notice, to make, amend and repeal the Rules of the Parfreyville Cemetery as needed. The by-laws may be amended at any regular town board meeting.