Local Hazards & Warnings

The Town of Dayton is a beautiful area with a climate that results in abundant wildlife and fun leisure activities year round that bring people closer to the outdoors. While outdoor hazards are rare, people should be aware and take precautions that will insure them an enjoyable outdoor experience.

Severe Summer Storms & Tornadoes

Residents and visitors need to stay alert to severe weather conditions particularly when on one of the many lakes in the area. Warning sirens are only available in the most populated areas, so people need to be attentive to the sky and whatever weather reports are available on radios or the internet.

Severe Winter Storms with Snow and Icy Conditions

Winter storms can cause very dangerous road conditions. Drivers need to stay alert and slow down under these conditions, staying off the road if possible during the worst storms.

Thin Lake Ice

Ice Fishing and using snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles on town lakes are fun and popular winter activities. People need to be aware that under-ice current can make ice thickness variable, and warmer than normal conditions can make ice thinner than expected. When recreating on open ice, it is best to speak with local sportsmen and other experts to learn as much as possible about local ice conditions and lake characteristics.

Automobiles and Wildlife

Deer are large animals that can be a hazard to automobiles particularly during dusk and dawn hours. Drivers need to be particularly watchful for deer while driving at night.

Deer Ticks and Lyme’s Disease

Lyme’s disease, first identified in Lyme Connecticut in 1975, is caused by a bacteria that is carried by deer ticks, and is a risk to people engaged in activities in the woods and wherever deer would coexist. The risk is highest in the spring and the fall when the ticks are moving. While pets (dogs) can be vaccinated from Lyme’s disease, humans cannot, so outdoors enthusiasts need to be aware of the threat and take appropriate precautions before and after going into the woods.

Hunting Season Precautions

Many hunters enter the wood every November for the annual deer hunt. Hunters are well aware of the requirement to wear brightly colored clothes for their own protection. Non-hunters need to be aware of the hazard and also be prepared to wear brightly colored clothes when entering the woods during the deer hunt.


Blastomycosis is a rare infection that may develop when people breathe in (inhale) a fungus called Blastomyces dermatitidis, which is found in wood and soil particularly near waterways and damp areas. When in the woods, it is best to travel along well traveled areas or groomed areas.