Found, Lost, Feral Animal or Abused Pet

Dangerous or Viscious Animals

Any dangerous or vicious domestic animal that appears to be uncontrolled by its owner, or any domestic animal that is deemed to be a serious public nuisance should be reported to the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office (715) 258-4466.

Dead Animals

All dead domestic animals shall be disposed of in a manner pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 95.50. Animals killed by motor vehicles shall not be included in this section, and will be disposed of in a manner outlined by any present contracts for removal in place with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and Waupaca County or other arrangements. Dead deer should be reported directly to Animal Haven Zoo (920) 867-3707.

Exotic Animals

As required by the Waupaca County Animal Control Ordinance, Code of Ordinances Chapter 12.11 (f), all exotic animals housed in Waupaca County must be contained in a pen or enclosure of proper size and strength to prohibit the animal’s escape. A copy of permits to have exotic animals must be on file at the Town Hall.

Feral Animals

Report feral animals (other then dogs or cats) to the DNR at (888)936-7463 for further guidance on what to do. Refer to their website for operating hours and contact information.

Found Pets

Report found dogs and cats preferably to the town chairperson who will then tell you where to take them or have them picked up. Dayton uses H.E.L.P. Shelter for dogs and Waupaca Humane Society for cats. Refer to their website’s for operating hours and contact information.

Injured or Ill Pets

There are veterinary clinics and hospitals in the area that can assist with injured or ill pets. This list is provided for information only and does not imply a recommendation or endorsement of any business. The following list may not be comprehensive, so please check the phone book or internet for additional information.

Waupaca Small Animal Hospital, Waupaca

Countryside Animal Hospital, Waupaca


As required by the Waupaca County Animal Control Ordinance, Code of Ordinances Chapter 12.11 (f), all dogs residing in Waupaca County over the age of 5 months must be annually licensed. For all residents of the Town of Dayton, the license will be obtained from the Town Treasurer or Town Clerk. Proof of rabies vaccination is required for the license application. Licensing variations exist for owners of multiple dogs and kennels. You can refer to the ordinance on the Waupaca County web site.

Lost Pets

You can report your lost pet by contacting the H.E.L.P. Shelter or Waupaca Humane Society. Refer to their web site for operating hours and contact information.

Pet Friendly Parks

An off-leash dog park is available on Lakeside Parkway south of Waupaca and adjacent to the Waupaca Regional Recycling and Composting Center.