Fish & Wildlife Management

Fishing Licenses & Regulations

Local bait shops and sporting supply retailers sell fishing licenses. Fishing regulations including fishing seasons are defined by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. A written copy of fishing regulations can be obtained wherever fishing licenses are sold.

Hunting Licenses & Regulations

Local sporting supply retailers sell hunting licenses. Hunting regulations including hunting seasons are defined by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. A written copy of hunting regulations can be obtained wherever hunting licenses are sold.

Hunting on Public Lands

Public hunting is available in the Town of Dayton on 1,281 acres at the Radley Creek Fishery Area, owned by the State of Wisconsin, about 10 miles southwest of Waupaca on Highway 22. The principal wildlife are deer, ruffed grouse and squirrels. Public hunting is also available at the Emmons Creek Barrons Natural Area, next to Hartman Creek State Park. Contact Hartman Creek State Park for additional information including maps, permits and regulations.

Injured or At-risk wildlife

Injured animals or animals that appear to be abandoned or outside of their normal habitat should be reported to authorities in order to prevent injury to people or further injury to the animals. When you see injured or at-risk wildlife, you should report the situation to the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office.

Wildlife induced property damage

While rare, from time to time various wildlife that live in the Town of Dayton have been known to engage in behaviors that can result in damage to shorelines, crops and other plants and buildings and potential danger to people and pets. Destruction of plants and crops and burrowing behaviors are common complaints. In the interest of wildlife preservation and protection of potentially endangered or at-risk species, acceptable ways to deal with wildlife have been developed for these situations. Please remember that many of these animals are protected by state game and wildlife regulations. Before you take action, you can contact the Waupaca County Land and Water Conservation Department or the local Wisconsin DNR office at Hartman Creek State Park for information about wildlife control.