Town of Dayton

Dayton Signage Permit and Instructions

Effective October 25, 2018, Waupaca County planning and zoning will assume all outdoor advertising signage permitting and compliance in the Town of Dayton as authorized by Wisconsin State Statutes.

In the Town of Dayton signs are prohibited in the road right of way

Wisconsin law prohibits the placement of advertising signs on any portion of rural or urban state trunk highway (STH) system right of way. All numbered highways (Interstate, U.S. and state) make up the STH system.

As a general rule, highway right of way in rural areas extends to beyond both shoulders and ditches and any adjoining fence line. In urban areas, boulevard medians and the terrace area between any sidewalk and the street are part of the highway, and therefore off-limits for installation of signs of any type.

The prohibition applies to commercial advertising and also covers other signs, posters and banners. Signs and other objects on the right of way are classified as encroachments, which may pose a potential safety hazard.

Improperly placed signs may:

  • Compound damages or injuries in the event of a crash.
  • Distract a driver's attention.
  • Endanger the safety of individuals who are erecting signs along busy highways.
  • Obstruct a motorist's view.
  • Present obstacles to crews who maintain (mow) roadways.

When placing yard/lawn signs on private property adjacent to the STH system, keep in mind:

  • In urban areas without sidewalks, signs must be at least 15 feet from the pavement edge.
  • In urban areas, signs are prohibited from the roadway area to at least one foot past the sidewalk.
  • Signposts, street name marker posts and most utility poles are all within highway right of way.
  • Signs are NOT allowed within highway medians.
  • Signs cannot contain flashing lights or moving parts.

For reference, download a printable:

General Guidelines brochure