Burning Permit

Burning rules are defined by the state Department of Natural Resources. Burning permits are intended for brush burning and is restricted to pine needles, leaves, grass, brush, unpainted/untreated wood and confidential papers.  All other materials should be processed at a county recycling center. Burning of garbage and recyclables is not allowed.  Businesses are restricted from any outdoor burning unless licensed by the DNR for energy recovery.

Burning permits are required in Waupaca County from January 1st through May 31st each year unless the ground is completely snow covered.  Burning permits are also required during dry periods when Emergency Burning Restrictions are in force. Burning permits are valid for the entire calendar year, but require daily authorization by checking on current fire restrictions.   A special burning permit needs to be obtained from the DNR for brush piles larger than 6′ x 6′ x 6′ and for broadcast burns greater than 10 acres in size.  Campfires for warming or cooking purposes do not require a burning permit and are allowed anytime except when Emergency Burning Restrictions are in force.  Fire restrictions are set daily by the DNR.

Please keep in mind that, burning permit or not, burning safety and wildfire prevention is your responsibility.  The DNR may assess fines and fire suppression costs if a fire should get out of control.  A fire must be attended at all times until completely extinguished and cold to the touch.

You can check on current fire restrictions on the DNR website.  For burning in the Town of Dayton, you can obtain a burning permit online, by calling 1-888-WIS-BURN, or at the Wisconsin Veterans Home or the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office.  If obtaining a burning permit by mail you will need the county code for Waupaca which is 69.  For further information about burning you should refer to the DNR website.