Planning Commission

The Town Board of the Town of Dayton voted to adopt a Year 2030 Comprehensive Plan on September 17, 2007. In support of this plan, the Town of Dayton has formed a Town Planning Commission. The role of the Town Planning Commission as defined by section 9 of the Comprehensive Plan is as follows

  •  Conduct an annual review of the comprehensive plan for performance in conjunction with the budgeting process
  • Conduct an annual review and develop updates to the action plan that identifies specific projects that are to be completed toward the implementation of the comprehensive plan
  • Periodically participate with the Town Board in conducting comprehensive plan updates
  • Work with the Town Board to implement actions as defined in the comprehensive plan.

The following Town of Dayton citizens are members of the Town Planning Commission.

  • Jane Haasch – Supervisor & Board Representative
  • Dave Coenen – Citizen Representative
  • John Miller – Chair of Planning Commission, Supervisor & Board Representative
  • Steve Suhs – Citizen Representative
  • Paul Roloff – Citizen Representative
  • Maggie Elmer – Citizen Representative
  • Helen Robinson – Citizen Representative