Board Statement

Recently the Trails Committee mailed post cards to Dayton residents asking that they complete a questionnaire regarding the use of trails and parks in the township. The card suggested copies of the survey would be available at the town hall.
The Town Board encourages volunteer committees or organizations that foster good for our community. Several groups have been formed on an ad hoc basis, including the Historical Committee, Trails Committee and a Resolutions Committee. While not a part of the structure of the town government, they had objectives in mind and each can continue or dissolve as those objectives are met. The Historical and Resolutions Committees are specific to Dayton but the Trails Committee has a counterpart at the County level. It is the feeling of the Town Board that activities for parks and trails should be coordinated there since there is no tax money available for additional parks or trails at the town level.
The Town Board does not discourage interested residents from expressing their hopes and wishes to the appropriate department or agency but does not feel there should be duplication of effort and expense at the township level.
Don Holtebeck, Chairman
John Miller, Supervisor
Jeff Barlow, Supervisor