2019 02 24 Snow Storm Update


Update from Town Chairman.


The storm has been tough already and we are not over yet.


    1.  The entire county crew has been out all morning.  3 plows are stuck or in the process of being freed. 


    2. County crew have been in the New London area dealing not only with the snow and ice, but also many trees down.


    3.  We had a tree across Whispering Pines road.  The county came through for us and cleared it away.


    4.  We will get our major roads plowed once through today but some of our secondary road may not get plowed until tomorrow.


    5. Crew will begin again on Dayton roads at 3 a.m. Monday.


    6. If we get any medical or other emergencies let me know.  I have discussed that possibility with the county and they are ready to respond         as necessary.